Nth. focuses on engagement with the wider international contemporary art dialectic. Our exhibition program, featuring local and international talent, will include solo shows by artists and group shows by curators working within and across the gamut of new and existing media.

Thanks everyone.

It is with sadness that we announce our imminent demise. Nth.s final shows will open simultaneously on Saturday 1 July.

In the white-box space is Auf wiedersehen Kunst!, a survey of Nth.s previous exhibitions, featuring Julia Boros, Renee Cosgrave, Russell Dammers, Peter Fifer, Shelley Jardine, Aaron Martin, Elyss McCleary, Joanna Mortreux, Emily Raubenheimer, Ace Wagstaff, and Jennifer Whitten. Also included are Matthew Engert and Kubota Fumikazu, and a special opening night performance/installation by Tania Smith.

In the foyer space, Nth. is excited to present Kind, a group exhibition by multi-disciplinary art revolutionaries The HAUNT Collective, exploring the concept with a view to the intersectionality of notions of subversion and generousity. Curated by HAUNT founder Andy Wear, Kind features work by Olivia Hittmann, Alister Karl, Mengo Lee, Yoshima Petrosyan, Andreas Tragen and Xavier Wear Gardener.

We wish to thank all who have contributed to Nth.s success. We could not have done it without the amazing artists and curators who showed with us, media support from Art Almanac and Arts Hub, the generousity of our crowdfunding benefactors, and large donations from Justin Art House Museum and Seedsticks. We would especially like to express our gratitude to Mim Whiting for her support and advice, to J Studios for allowing us use of the space, and to all who came to our openings and helped create the Nth. community.

Finally, although our planned two-year run has been cut short due to loss of tenure, we believe Nth.s edict of entirely free exhibitions for emerging artists and curators to be a vital addition to the scene, and strongly encourage others to start their own galleries.

Final Opening: Saturday 1 July, 6-8pm
then, viewing by appointment until we close FOREVER on 14 July